What is that I hear about G.A.S.? (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

So, I bought another film camera.

This one has been on my list for over a year now, so I was super excited to get my hands on it! It is the Pentax 6x7, a medium format film camera produced in the 70s and 80s. I snagged the MLU (mirror lock up) model, which is the later of the two models. Based on the S/N, mine looks to be manufactured in the early 80s.

The Pentax 6x7 takes 120mm film, with 10 shots per roll. The negatives are crazy big, so packed with tons of image data! Also means they take up a ton of file space...but worth it.

The first two shots

I had a roll of film in the camera within minutes of coming home from work and unpacking it. These were the first two shots I took using Ilford HP5 film. I bought the camera with the legendary Takumar 105mm lens. I shot wide open on the first shot, and the bokeh is just crazy! Also means I have about 1-2 inches of focal plane, so not a lot of room for error.

A few more from that first roll. (above)

I took it out for a spin one night here in Rice Lake. Above were a few images I caught one cool spring evening. All taken with Portra 400 film. I did purchase the Takamur 55mm lens as well, for something a little wider. All the above were taken with that lens.

A few more random shots. My father-in-law is restoring a Triumph, so snapped a few over Easter. And of course, more pictures of my cat, chillin'.

Taking it for a portrait spin, along with some new film!

I stole one of my nieces over Easter to see how the camera and 105mm lens handle portraits. I also got my hands on some newly-released Kodak Gold 200 in 120mm. The film stock has been around for ages, and is probably the film most of us "older folks" remember from our childhood photo albums. It hasn't been available in 120 for ages, so it was exciting to see Kodak bring it back for medium format. It is definitely a warmer or golden look, which makes sense. And was happy with how these turned out, for a 5 minutes photo shoot on the deck!

Mistakes happen...

I knew when I loaded this roll that it didn't uptake to the spot it should. I took the chance and went one more pull forward. Well, that resulted in my last frame running out of actual negative. Things happen. Live and learn!