Jumping in feet first....

My first 100% all film session. I took the leap and left the digital camera behind, and I was so happy I did. A big thank you to my guinea pig family too!!

Yes, it was scary. No, not every frame was absolutely perfect. And the sun darting in and out of the clouds was a challenge, especially for the Ektar film stock. But I loved the freedom of just shooting the moment and moving on, instead of asking my clients to repeat something 15 times until I get it "perfect". I loved the slower pace and breaks I could give my clients to just relax (especially the kids). I learned some things for sure (like how much I absolutely adore Portra 160 and Ilford HP5). I can't wait for my next film-only session. If you love what you see, reach out about a session for yourself!

By the way, the cover image of the boys walking through the field was all their idea!