When life gives you lemons...

The weather forecast for this session was not promising. The day was cool for late April here in northern Wisconsin. It was crazy windy, and rain was on the horizon. Our session was set for 6pm, fingers crossed...

It was 4pm when I was sitting at my desk cleaning my equipment. And there it was, pouring rain. Then a minute later, sunshine! A flurry of messages with Lexi and the decision was made to try and make it happen. And that is what we did!

Location # 1 is a success!

So, we met up and began the session at our first location. It was sheltered from the wind some, so that was a plus. It was still only about 45 degrees, so not comfortable in formal wear. But we persevered and got some great shots.

Got some detail shots of Lexi's Cinderella-themed dress (she is a big fan of the recent live-action version).

We all know prom is a huge deal for the ladies. But had to give Asher his due in a few shots.

And here comes the rain!

Location one went pretty well. Location two was a different story. After waiting out a rain shower in our cars for a few minutes, it seemed to let up. So we decided to give the site a shot. Well, after just a couple of minutes, the rain started up again. But Lexi and Asher didn't seem to mind. They rolled with it and had a blast! It was so fun to watch them dance in the rain.

And they are way too good at the dip. I might need to contract them out for lessons in the future...